I heart sunsets

It’s times like this that I wish I was a professional photographer with a great camera so I can take better photos with better details and stuff.

But to quote a fellow blogger and a very good photographer, Richard Sugden, “The important thing is the eye not the camera.”

So, being around to see another beautiful sunset is more than good enough for me.


18 thoughts on “I heart sunsets

  1. If you are good observing around you, the images will be in your mind forever (with or without a camera) By the way…nice pic!

  2. Sunsets are always a magic photo opportunity. never mind being professional. As Cartier Bresson said “it’s the decisive moment” that you can catch with any capacity as long as you have an instamatic for an eye.

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  4. OH MY GOSH it’s times like this that I wish that I was good at taking photos so that I could paint the beautiful clouds. I suck at taking photos (not for lack of practice either) so I have to stick to just the “seeing” and paint with my memory. I heart your photos of sunsets (and thanks for liking one of my posts)!

  5. If my memory serves me right I was taught, when shooting a sunset, to take a reading 90 degrees from the sun. Lock that meter reading – then shoot your picture. That it the way I would do it when I was shooting 35mm. Digital ???

  6. Great sunset. Have you noticed it’s hard to get the camera to take a picture that’s as awesome as what you can see… I never seem to capture exactly what’s there.

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