Stand back

stand back

Charley went back to school today. She woke up early and got ready all on her own.  I’m so proud.

Finally got the iPhone 5, so “My 4” is officially retired. Lots of good memories to go along with the good photos I took with it. Gonna miss it.  Only taken 1 photo so far with the “5”, a Sunday coffee break with the family at Starbucks.

I’m enjoying a lot of the photos I’m seeing lately.  I love being a spectator.  I think I’m just gonna do that for a while, just stand back and admire other people’s excellent work. Gonna need a lot of coffee for that.

My birthday’s coming up. The twins are on their way.  2013 sure is shaping up to be a busy year for us, but no matter what, I’m sticking to Plan Q: just gonna take it one day at a time.

Anyway, wishin’ everyone a great day.  Smile…it’s free.

E 31st St. NYC


7 thoughts on “Stand back

  1. Sometimes it is important to step outside our little life bubbles and watch the world (even if just in photos) go by ! Enjoy being a spectator !

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